Epoxy Resin Work surfaces are molded in large monolithic sections and custom fabricated to your specification. Our unique molding process includes a special curing stage that ensures complete chemical reaction throughout the material to create a uniform work surface of the highest quality.

We offer a variety of work surface manufacturer to offer seven styles to choose from. Almost any facility’s work surfaces can be configured using the components found in each style. Select between:

Work Surfaces Configurations

Tops are custom fabricated from detailed shop drawings, including sink cutouts, drillings and field dimension cuts. Tolerances of dimensions are held to a minimum and checked closely before leaving the factory. Due to the nature of epoxy-resin, slight variations may develop from piece to piece, and we therefore advise careful aligning of cabinets underneath, shimming of tops, and never interchanging similar pieces. We recommend diamond tools be used for field modification where necessary. In most cases epoxy cement can be used to bond tops to cabinets or frames.

Available epoxy resin colors include:
Black Onyx, Gray, Graphite, Dark Khaki, Tan and Lunar White.
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(Note: Only Black Onyx is available in all sizes and configurations. Size and configuration restrictions may apply to other colors.)




Raised Edge without Curb